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Stories of Ley

Photography has been a big part of my life for many years. I love to capture moments for eternity. Every single picture tells its own story even years later. It is always breathtaking to look through the camera at a concert or while on a journey and feel everything around you fade away. It’s like being in another world. Every time I take a picture, I experience feelings of joy and happiness.

Music is also a big passion of mine. Music manages to intensify emotions, to carry you away and make you feel completely free. The feeling of freedom seems unlimited. I typically go to smaller concerts with its authentic atmosphere and its crowd that simply listens to the sounds. Festivals do certainly also have their charm and can be a great change to the local gigs.

Travelling also brings a lot of inspiration, and enriches the cultural experiences through which we all grow. The new impressions of all the beautiful places that our earth has to offer fascinate me every time. I do however also get many inspirations and mental energy from home country with its wonderful landscape and spectacular views. It’s the mixture of the unexplored and the familiar that makes life magically for me.

With love, Lesley



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